New Laws to Take Effect

New laws going into effect in Colorado on July 1:

Allowing liquor stores to stay open on Sundays (senate bill
82). July 6 will be the first Sunday stores can stay open.

Raising fines for traffic violations to bring in an estimated
$12 million for the highway user’s trust fund (house bill 1010).

Agents planning to represent a college athlete looking to turn
Professional will have to register with the state (house bill

Art galleries can keep serving alcohol to the public (house
bill 1105).

Adding $3 million to the older Colorado cash fund (house bill

Setting up a dispute resolution process for home owner associations (house bill 1135).

Setting a higher standard for the state's adverse possession laws that allows someone to claim another person's property if they have had access to that property for at least 18 years (house bill1148).

Increasing state protection for the bald eagle, which the federal government has removed it from a list of threatened species (house bill 1304).

Requiring prior approval for insurance rate hikes (house bill

Making it a misdemeanor to trick on-line ticket sites into selling more than the maximum number of tickets available (senate bill 77).

Making it a crime and requiring police to confiscate any cigarettes or tobacco products possessed by a minor (senate bill88).