Controversial Annexation Passes City Council

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A decision to annex 18 acres near 166 Edlun road in Orchard Mesa passes unanimously Monday.

Council members listened to public input against the annexation before voting in approval.

The Grand Junction City Council discussed the proposed annexation in depth with city attorneys before making their decision. They determined the best way to try and preserve the Old Spanish Trail was to bring the property under the jurisdiction of the city.

During public comment the council heard from mountain bikers, hikers and area neighbors who pleaded with the city to stop the proposed annexation, their hopes were to preserve the Old Spanish Trail that runs through the property. Residents were concerned development would destroy the popular trail even though the city said their decision would allow them to better protect the trail in the future opponents had their doubts.

The council did vote to zone the newly annexed area as R–2 which limits the number of houses per acre to two instead of four that the developer had originally asked for. The city council also made it very clear they want to protect any historical trail in the area.