Palisade Town Board Grants Controversial Liquor License

Following a four-and-a- half hour public meeting, Palisade's Board of Trustees grants a liquor license to a controversial liquor store.
The public meeting was reopened two weeks ago, following an outpouring of concerns among residents.
Opposition for the store had a strong turnout Tuesday night, as at least 60 people showed to either listen in or give testimony themselves.
Don and Mikala Wood, the owners of the store, gave a traffic study that was done in June of 2005, which allegedly refutes statements given by residents concerned about increased traffic.
According to the traffic study, at least 6-thousand cars pass by the store's location, which is on Highway 6 in Palisade and they say their store would not add or detract from the current flow of traffic.
Those who oppose the store brought to light the store's proximity to Taylor Elementary School and cited studies that show a correlation between liquor and increases in violence.
Following the decision, several parents were disappointed with the 4-to-2 decision.
The Woods say they wouldn't wish this process on their worst enemy and are determined to prove their business will be an asset to Palisade.