Local Church to Help with Midwest Flooding Cleanup

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Cleanup efforts continue across the Midwest after massive flooding causes billions of dollars in damage to the area. The devastation has one local church taking action and answering the call for help.

Grand Junction resident Isaac Ortega says he can only describe the images he's seen on the news as devastating.

"People's lives, their homes, everything they worked for, their stability was all literally washed away," said Ortega. "Basically, those people need help. They need all the help they can get."

When the former soldier heard that his local church was organizing a trip to Iowa, to do just that, he says he didn't think twice before signing up.

"Any chance I have to help the community in any way is something I enjoy doing," said Ortega.

Canyon View Vineyard Church is just one of many Vineyard churches nationwide that is asking its members to answer the call for help. Organizers say they have rounded up a group of 20 volunteers who will be making the trip to Iowa.

"I can't imagine losing everything," said Canyon View Outreach Pastor, Bob Clifford. "When you have the time and ability to help, why not?"

The group will leave Grand Junction on July 7th and spend the next three days cleaning up an Iowa neighborhood where four houses were completely destroyed.

"We'll be pulling out carpet, tearing out rotted drywall, getting ready for skilled people to come in and rebuild," said Clifford.

Organizers say they can't believe the support they've received from the community, and that thanks to local donations, they will be able to make the five day trip at no cost to the volunteers. Church members say it's a small price to pay when it comes to helping a state where floods caused more than $2 billion in damage and forced tens of thousands out of their homes.

"I hope that we'll make some kind of impact and be able to at least help with the completion of one home," said Ortega.

"It will be a life changing experience," said Clifford. "They're in desperate need of help."

The church says it's not too late for other members of the community to get involved. They are still accepting donations and have a few spots left for people who want to make the trip to Iowa. For more information, you can call Canyon View Vineyard Church at (970) 242-77970.

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