Clifton/Fruitvale Governance Options

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As the areas of Clifton and Fruitvale continue to grow, so do their needs.

In order for residents to get enough of the services they want and need, both areas are faced with either joining Grand Junction or going it alone.

Mesa County and local City officials are getting ready to take the issue to the residents.

The Clifton/Fruitvale Governance Committee held a meeting in Clifton on Wednesday night to finalize the presentations it will be giving to residents.

It says the presentations will explain to residents the options for the futures of the areas, so residents can get the services and self-government opportunities they're asking for.

The committee invites anyone who is interested to attend one of these neighborhood meetings.

There are four to choose from.

All are from 6:30-to-8 in the evening, at the following dates and locations:

-Tuesday, July 8th : Clifton Elementary School (3276 F Road)
-Wednesday, July 9th : Clifton Christian Church (615 I-70 B)
-Tuesday, July 15th : Four Square Cornerstone Church (353 Second Street)
-Thursday, July 17th : Rocky Mountain Elementary School (3260 D ½ Road)

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