Law Enforcement Upped at Central High School Following Threat

Friday, students arriving for classes found increased law enforcement presence at Central High School in Fruitvale after a message found on a bathroom wall said one or more students would come to school today armed with guns.

Thursday night faculty and administrators from the school, Mesa County School District 51 and the Mesa County Sheriff's Office met to discuss the message and what steps to take.

District 51 spokesperson Jeff Kirtland says students were officially notified of the message this morning after a pep rally was cancelled.

Kirtland said, "After the discussion with staff and faculty last night we decided before lunch to tell the students, that the message was carefully considered, and it was decided it was not a credible threat."

Kirtland said the administration decided the tone of the message did not warrant parental notification, but says after rumors of the note surfaced the district did receive a number of calls from concerned parents. A small number of parents withdrew their children from the school for the day.

Kirkland says there are no plans to have heightened security at the school Monday.