Man Arrested In Stolen Truck May Also Be Involved In Drug Smuggling

Colorado State Patrol arrest a man on Interstate 70 near Loma, driving a stolen vehicle, which may be involved in smuggling drugs.
The arrest, which happened Sunday morning, followed a routine traffic stop on I-70, when the driver failed to change lanes because of an emergency vehicle in the breakdown lane. Once State Patrol Troopers made the initial stop and ran the license plate, the vehicle came back stolen out of New York.
The suspect, Oscar Huerta, claimed he was given the 2000 Yukon Denali and did not know it was stolen. While State Troopers were searching the vehicle, they found a small amount of marijuana and although Huerta's paycheck stubs indicated he makes less than $300 every other week, he was carrying about $8?thousand in cash, prompting troopers to believe the vehicle may be used to run drugs.
Huerta was taken to the Mesa County Jail and is facing an initial charge of possession of a stolen vehicle.
The 26?year?old Huerta also claimed another vehicle was traveling with him, however, State Patrol has been unable to locate the vehicle or substantiate the claim.