Clifton Gets Commissioner Focus For Revitalization

Clifton could be a main location for future business development as
county commissioners consider a plan to invest more than $4.5M in the area over the next six years.
With a population of around 20-thousand people, Clifton is the largest unincorporated town in Mesa County and while changes are in the works, the town does have problems that have to be addressed before any dramatic changes can be made.
County planners say Clifton was a rural area that was urbanized over time and much of the town is not built to urban standards. Many roadways lack sidewalks and storm water drainage is also a problem.
Mesa County Commissioners have committed themselves to revitalizing Clifton, not only for those who currently reside there, but to also take advantage of the town's potential.
The county, in a partnership with the City of Grand Junction have also begun the Clifton/Fruitvale Community Study, which will look at land use, traffic, utilities and human service issues in the town. The study is expected to be completed sometime this spring.
There will be a public meeting Feb. 28th and Clifton residents are encouraged to review the study's initial data, as well as provide feedback and suggestions for how they'd like to see Clifton in the future.