Brady Bunch kid grows up & throws up

Susan Olsen played Cindy Brady back in the 70's.

She was a guest on a radio station in Colorado Springs when a little way into her interview, she told the D.J.s she got "wasted" the night before and was ready to vomit.

Susan Olsen admits she had too much to drink Wednesday night.
"I had some wine, plenty of wine and it hit me like a ton of bricks and this morning, I felt really awful," Olsen said.

D.J. Darren McKee says it's the weirdest thing that's ever happened to him, in 20 years of radio.

They helped her out of the dyifop, and she later left the radio station after they say they made sure she had a driver waiting outside.

Olsen later told 11 News she thinks the whole situation is being "blown out of proportion".

Use the link below to get to Jet's website, where you can watch a clip of the incident.