Ethnic Intimidation Victims Want To Find A Solution To The Problem

Some parents and students at Fruita Middle sSchool say racism is growing and widespread problem at the school.
and they want to to find a solution. Last night concerned parents met with the principal of fruita middle school and a representative from school district 51 to discuss ethnic intimidation at the school. Parents and students say school officials aren't doing enough when it comes to the problem. Fruita Middle School students Jaymie, Cheyenne and Quetaly are the best of friends, but being friends at school isn't always easy because they say other students are constantly harassing them about their different races. The racial slurs got so bad at school that the girls were challenged to a fight. They say they accepted and in turn were suspended. Principal Ken Haptonstall says says part of the problem is communication, students aren't always reporting their problems to the office. But when they do an extensive investigation into the allegations is launched. Hapinstol adds that the school plans to host regular meetings to discuss the issue of ethnic intimidation. He also plans to hold a forum on diversity with a guest speaker to discuss racism. District 51 Spokesperson Jeff Kirtland says there are similar issues in other schools. But it seems that parents at fruita middle school are more outspoken and have taken a more active approach to finding a solution.