Palisade Recall Effort Under Way

A group of Palisade citizens is organizing a recall effort for two of the town trustees, including current mayor Douglas Edwards.

The recall effort comes after the trustee's recent approval of a liquor store less than 200 feet from Taylor Elementary School. Prior to that approval the trustees changed an ordinance eliminating the state's 500–foot minimum distance requirement for stores selling alcohol.

Opponents of the store say accidents are more common near liquor stores and could endanger children on the way to and from school.
Backers say a recall effort is a drastic move, but one that has to be done.

“We had a lot of people come to the meetings and say things, important things, and the town council didn't listen," says one resident leading the recall effort.

Voters want to recall Patty Hanna in addition to mayor Edwards. Both voted in favor of the store, as did Patty Prinster and Bill Pardell, both of whom are up for re–election.

Eighty signatures are needed to do the recall. Backers want to get the recall on the April ballot to avoid the need for a special election.