Roundabout Proposed For Dangerous Intersection

Another of Grand Junction's dangerous intersections may soon look a little rounded if the city receives a federal grant. In December, city officials applied for a grant to make improvements to the intersection at 23 and G Roads, the site of several accidents including one fatal crash in 2004. At the end of March the city will find out if it has been approved for the funds that are available through a federal hazard elimination program. The money would be used to either install a traffic signal or a roundabout. City engineers are leaning toward the latter. A roundabout though could cause some problems since much of the traffic in the area comes from industrial businesses. However, the city is prepared to accommodate the big rigs. According to the managing engineer, the grant would take care of 90 percent of the cost of building a roundabout, which is priced at about $920,000. Engineers say while a four–way stop sign would help prevent accidents, in the long term this particular intersection qualifies for a substantial change.