Legislative Bill Threatens Water Park Developments

Water for a proposed play park on the Colorado River near Palisade could dry up if a bill in the state senate is passed by legislators.

Sponsored by western slope Senator Jim Isgar, the bill places strict limits on how much water the parks can have during low stream flows, and says water can only be diverted for kayaks...not rafts and canoes.
Stream flows that low would keep family–friendly rafts from using the parks, and possibly hurt commercial prospects at any new parks.

Former house representative and water attorney Matt Smith says that area needs to be addressed before the bill is passed:

"I think as the bill goes through it will have to address all of the recreational uses. It's still early in the process and those amendments can still happen, but the general thrust is the conflict between Colorado case law and the current statutory allowance, and they've got to try to resolve that. It's a battle that's been going on for several years."

Water park supporters say the bill could make the park's water rights vulnerable to law suits.