Local Businesses That Expanded Internationally

There are several businesses on the Western Slope that started out small and made an international success out of their idea. Paradise on a Hanger, based out of Crawford, is one of these success stories. The business ships two hundred to five hundred Hawaiian shirts across the globe everyday. But how this company expanded beyond Crawford is unbelievable. The idea all started when owner Steve Duffy wanted to wear Hawaiian shirts. He couldn't find any on the Western Slope so his wife Currille started making them for him on their kitchen table. People started noticing Steve's shirt and they too wanted one. Eventually Currille couldn't keep up with the demand and had to hire more seamstresses. The couple began taking their shirts to trade shows but then realized selling them online and through catalogs would bring in more revenue. Now the shirts are produced out of Hawaii but the couple still bases their office out of Crawford and have no plans to relocate.