Local State Trooper Receives Lifesaving Award

A local Colorado State Patrol trooper receives a prestigious award today for saving another man's life.

On June 6th of last year trooper Dave Erickson saw a driver flee when a Grand Junction Police officer tried to make a routine traffic stop.
Erickson chased the car, stopping the car on the Fifth Street bridge.

The driver of the car said he would jump from the bridge. Erickson thought of pepper spray, but decided to grab the man instead.

I realized as I came up that (the railing) only came up mid-thigh, and it was real easy for me to fall in, but I grabbed the guy with my hand and said, "come on, we're here to help, it's not a big deal.''

While holding onto the man with one hand he was able to call for help.
It took three officers to pull the man to safety.

Erickson was chosen for the lifesaving award by a panel. The award is given only for exceptional valor and occurs only every few years.