President Bush Visits Golden Renewable Energy Lab

President Bush spoke about new energy technologies during a trip to Colorado Tuesday.
Bush toured the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden and said renewable sources of energy, like ethanol and hydrogen fuel cells, can decrease America's dependence on foreign sources of oil.
The President stressed the fact that an overall commitment to developing several new sources of energy is vital to wean the nation off of oil and natural gas.
"What I'm talking about is a comprehensive strategy, in other words, we're not relying on one aspect of renewable energy to help this country become less dependent, we're talking about a variety of fronts and we're willing to work with both the public sector and private sector to make sure we achieve breakthroughs," President Bush said.
Congressman and Colorado governor's candidate Bob Beauprez led Bush through the plant, saying the visit couldn't have come at a better time.
"It's always good to have a Presidential visit, especially when he rolled out in the State of the Union speech just a short while ago the Advanced Energy Initiative. It's an absolutely perfect fit to bring him to Golden to see the National Renewable Energy Lab right here in Colorado," Beauprez said.
President Bush also spoke about the various items that can be used to make ethanol, like corn and switchgrass, along with wind and solar energy.