Grand Junction Planning Commission Discusses Possible 24-Road Corridor Changes

Grand Junction's Planning Commission discussed the possibility of loosening regulations along the 24 Rd. corridor which could lead to more retail outlets.

Tuesday's meeting took place two weeks after the original hearing was scheduled, with the 24 Rd. Steering Committee's findings coming to light.
The committee recommended three changes to the 24 Rd. corridor subarea plan that were put into place in 2000 and include reducing minimum residential density, wiping out the requirement for residential development and allowing large scale retail development.

Property owners within the 24 Rd. corridor had their say Tuesday with many arguing that the lack of development along the corridor is due primarily because of the mixed use regulations, which states there has to be at least a 20-percent residential component to any development along the corridor. Property owners say that regulation in particular has quelled interest from larger retail chains and if this regulation is amended, the opportunity will once again present itself.

The commission's discussion was to determine what direction city staff should go with these recommendations and with approval, the recommendations will go back to the city council and then a process to make amendments to the 24 Rd. sub-area growth plan will begin.