Another Wolf Spotted In Colorado

Denver (AP)- A state wildlife officer spotted and caught on
video what biologists say may be a wolf. The officer saw the animal on two consecutive days last month near Walden in northern Colorado. State biologist Gary Skiba says there's no way to be sure if it
was a wolf. If it was a wolf, it would be the second time one has wandered into the state since wolves were reintroduced in Yellowstone National Park and Idaho. A wolf was found dead along Interstate 70 west of Denver in 2004. Its radio collar showed it was from Yellowstone. Wolves were wiped out in Colorado by the 1930s after ranchers, government agents and others shot, trapped and poisoned them. A state task force drew up a wolf management plan in case more of the animals migrate into Colorado. The panel is also discussing whether wolves should be restored to the state. There's a wide range of difference of opinion among task force members.(Copyright 2006 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.)