What to do With the Wild Horses

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There are about 33,000 wild horses living on federal ranges in ten western states, but the land is only fit to hold about 27,000 of the animals. Now federal authorities are trying to figure out what to do with the surplus.

So far the feds have come up with two options. One is to adopt the wild horses out without limitations, and the other is to euthanize the surplus. The Bureau of Land Management admits that neither are popular options.

Wild horse herds can double every four years and of the 33,000 wild horses that live on federal lands, 25,000 of them live in Nevada. Right now approximately 100 wild horses live on the 36,000 acres that make up the little book cliffs here on the Western slope. One reason our area isn't being weighed down by a surplus of horses is the help the B.L.M. receives from groups like Friends of the Mustangs, and the Sheriff's Posse who helps house the horses. Which saves the B.L.M. alot of money.

In 2007 the B.L.M. spent close to 39 million dollars on its wild horse and burro program. They spent more than half of that money for short and long term holding, a cost they're looking to get rid of.

The B.L.M. is looking for public input on its proposed solutions and is certainly welcoming any new suggestions.

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