Hearing For Person of Interest in Polygamist Raid

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Colorado Springs, Colo. (AP) A woman who authorities say is linked to a phone number used to call a crisis center that may have triggered a raid on a Texas polygamist compound is due in court this morning for a pretrial conference.

Police have named Rozita Swinton of Colorado Springs a person of interest in calls that led to the raid in early April. Authorities removed more than 460 children from the west Texas compound in a sex-abuse investigation.

The children were returned after a court ruled authorities overreached.

Investigators have not said whether Swinton made the call to Texas authorities.

An arrest affidavit said calls made to a crisis center by a teenager claiming she was pregnant, had an 8-month-old baby and was forced to marry a 49-year-old man while at the compound originated from a phone whose owner lives in Colorado Springs.

Authorities say another phone used to call the crisis center was a prepaid cell phone that is linked to Swinton.

At the time of the calls, Swinton was serving a deferred 12-month sentence after pleading guilty to false reporting in June 2007 for a case out of Douglas County.

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