Credit Card Scam Hits Grand Junction

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The Grand Junction Police Department is warning residents to be wary and on the lookout for "Skimming".

"Skimming" is a credit card scam involving a small "skimmer" machine that steals credit card information.

So far, fourty local victims have suffered a combined $150,000 in losses.

The "skimmer" machine is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, which makes it so easy to miss.

The machine reads and memorizes card numbers, so suspects can then make replica cards and make fraudulent transactions.

The Grand Junction Police Department wants people to protect themselves.

It says keep a close eye on your credit cards and hang on to transaction records.

Choose a PIN number different than your birthday or social security number, and report lost cards immediately.

Report any suspicious transactions to your credit card company and any fraud to the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft Hotline at 877-ID THEFT.

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