Drug Use Causes Rise In Check Fraud

Fewer businesses in Grand Junction are accepting checks today
and though insufficient funds are still a big reason for refusing them the drug trade is having an impact as well.

According to statistics released by the Grand Junction Meth Task Force, check fraud and forgery has nearly doubled in recent years. Although accurate statistics are difficult to come by, prosecutors believe many checks are stolen and altered by users of illegal substances to buy more drugs.

Drug users are also stealing checks from the mail. The problem has become so severe the post office is recommending people not put checks in unguarded mailboxes. In a letter sent to postal customers, postmaster Jim Price says that for safety people should shred mail going into the trash. He also recommends that you pick up your mail as soon as possible and not leave mail in cluster mail boxes. He advises people to take mail to the post office or to work to mail. Price also says mail should not be put into blue mail boxes where mail will stay overnight.

Mail fraud is a federal crime. The Postal Service will pay up ten thousand dollars for information leading to the conviction of anyone connected with mail theft.