Delivery Costs on the Rise

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Jeremy Carothers knows his way around town.
"I've been doing this for a while," says Carothers.
Carothers is a delivery driver for domino's pizza in the Redlands and knows first hand how gas prices are hitting him in the pocket book.

Carothers says, "I feel like i haven't made as much money, obviously I've spent more on gas."
Domino's Pizza store owner Lou Nolan pays his drivers for their mileage and says, "we've had to increase that recently and we are looking to have to increase that again." While he is paying his employees more, Nolan says he is trying not to raise pizza prices.

"It's not all about getting rich, sometimes it's about staying in business," says Nolan. Carothers says, "I gotta be spending well over a hundred a week so maybe 400 dollars in gas a month."
But the bottom line just keeps rising for the Redlands Domino's Pizza.
Nolan attributes that to the rise in energy cost. "When the gas and fuel goes up everything is trucked so you know everything goes up."

Nolan and his crew make sure each delivery is packed with as many pies as possible; maps are checked and directions are plotted, but it doesn't stop there.
Nolan is trying everything he can to save energy at the store. "We have cut air conditioning back; we've changed all our lights to fluorescent." But one thing they can't cut back on is mileage.
"I've put quite a few miles on this car, over 200 thousand now," says Carothers. But as his operating costs continue to rise options dwindle.
Nolan says, "as costs go up we got to stay in business."

Business owners say with the slowing economy the only thing they can do is wait it out.