Mesa County Murder Trials Continue

Mesa County prosecutors continue their case against a Grand Junction man facing first–degree murder charges.
The prosecution continued with its time line Thursday, calling defendant Hector Zambrano's son Santos to recall the events of the day the victim, 44–year–old Patricia Reyes, was found dead.
Santos Zambrano told prosecutors his father Hector talked with him briefly the afternoon Reyes' body was discovered, telling him he had messed up, was going to jail for a long time but never mentioned that he had murdered anyone.
Zambrano also gave his son a necklace, a watch and wallet. Santos Zambrano also said despite a restraining order Reyes had filed against Hector Zambrano, the pair was frequently together in the months leading up to the homicide. The prosecutions case will continue Monday morning.
Just down the hall, the attempted first–degree murder trial of Troy Mondragon also continued Thursday, with testimony from Officer Bob Culver of the Grand Junction Police Department. Culver was on–duty the night Mondragon allegedly stabbed his victim 26 times in 2003. Officer Culver gave testimony that he collected evidence, including a knife, sweatshirt and pants from a residence close to the scene,
all of which contained smatterings of blood.
Culver also stated while collecting evidence he was given a vague description of the suspect which fit Mondragon, being a Chicano male with short hair.
Mondragon's trial resumes Friday at the Mesa County Justice Center.