Utah Man Donates 50 Gallons of Blood

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A Utah man has saved hundreds of lives over many years, and also set a record, with his heroism.

Ron McGee gives a gift to the ill and injured of his community every two weeks. In fact, he's the most generous blood donor ever at Mountain Star Blood Services of Ogden Regional Medical Center.

He rarely misses an appointment, and two weeks ago, he reached a remarkable milestone.

"He's reached his 50 gallon donation, which is about 400 donations that he's done, and has helped a lot of patients,” said Marily Peralta Director of Blood Services at Ogden Regional.

He started giving whole blood many years ago, then became an aphaeresis donor. That's a blood donation that allows a donor to give specific blood components, such as platelets. It takes up to two hours for an aphaeresis donation.

Donor Ron McGee finds the experience rewarding, "You know, it's helped a lot of people. They said that my a–b positive, when I was doing whole blood, went to babies."

Currently only 5% of the population donates blood, but 60% of the population can.

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