Actors Reject Producers' `Final Offer'

Members and supporters of the Screen Actors Guild rally outside the organization's headquarters Monday, June 9, 2008, in Los Angeles. It was a solidarity rally in support of their television/theatrical contract negotiation team. (AP Photo/Ric Francis)
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Los Angeles (AP) Movie and TV producers say their final contract offer has been rejected by actors.

The Screen Actors Guild says it's willing to keep negotiating, and is offering a counterproposal but producers say they're not interested.

Producers could now declare that the talks are at an impasse. If the national labor relations board confirms that, studios could impose certain clauses of their offer on the guild. But since most of the proposed contract changes favor the guild, it's unclear if
An impasse would benefit the studios.

The producers say their final offer gives 250 million dollars in extra compensation over three years. But the actors' union says that's “highly inflated,” and that proposed hikes in minimum wages would not benefit higher-paid actors.

Union committee members are scheduled to meet Friday.