Coal Creek Fire Causing Concern for One Cedaredge Resident

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While the BLM lets the 1,112 acre Coal Creek Fire continue to burn, residents of nearby towns are feeling the affects.

Smoke and ash began falling on the home of Dawn Sudmeier near the town of Cedaredge last night. So much smoke and ash Sudmeier began to get worried. She says, "Last night was the really scary night. The smoke picked up again and then we had just clouds of ash raining on the house and us if we were outside."

But the BLM says there is nothing to be concerned over. They say embers have been reported Northeast of the fire zone, but the embers have not spread past the fire past BLM land. Bill Kight with the BLM says, "The fire is doing really well. The fire is staying within the boundary we'd like for it to stay in and it's behaving what we predicted it would."

But Sudmeier says she has seen these controlled burns become not so controlled and will continue to worry. Sudmeier says, "It's a continuing frustration. It will be another sleepless night tonight and sleepless nights until it goes out."

The BLM hopes that with the upcoming monsoonal moisture to the area, that the fire will be contained from the every growing 1,112 acres already burned.

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