Operation Zamboni Puts Major Meth Ring On Ice

A multi-agency lteam from two states has been quietly undermining a major drug distribution ring in western Colorado. The investigation, called Operation Zamboni, has been underway since January, but wasn't known to the public until announced today at a meeting with the press and law enforcement.

Every agency in Mesa County has worked on the operation as well as the Western Slope Drug Task Force, the Phoenix and Colorado Springs Police Departments, and the Phoenix Drug Enforcement Agency.

According to law enforcement methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana was being sent from Colorado Springs and Phoenix Arizona to Stephen Parsons here in Mesa County. Parsons and others conspired to distribute the drugs in what authorities are calling the biggest drug ring to ever be discovered in Western Colorado.

According to an undercover investigator, "There's been about 30 arrests to date with this organization either directly or indirectly related to this organization. There are going to be more arrests coming down and there are warrants for some people; others we are still investigating."

Assistant Mesa County District Attorney Dan Rubinstein says it's a big win for Mesa County. Residents hear so much about the violence and arrests connected with drug use that it is time, he says, that people hear some good news.

Some of the people arrested so far have made headlines recently in Mesa County, including Ashley King, who was the alleged driver of a car being chased by Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies. Passenger Samuel Lincoln shot at officers during that pursuit.

So far, two pounds of methamphetamine and 1/2 pound of cocaine have been confiscated, as well as marijuana and countless weapons.
More information on Operation Zamboni is expected soon as more arrest affadavits are released by law enforcement.