Top Model Auditions Only See a Handful of Hopefuls

Last time the cops were called and hundreds went home disappointed at the auditions for America's Next Top Model. On Saturday it was a completely different story as only about a dozen of people showed up.

At the last America's Next Top Model tryouts in Grand Junction,
so many girls turned out and got turned down, that the police had to be called in to settle the crowd.

Felicia German and her mother have been to both auditions. Last time the pair waited in line for nine hours. On Saturday the entire process only took one hour.

Blair Griffith drove over from Denver with a friend to try out for a second time too. They remembered the lines last year and thought they would be the same this time around, "Umm well we actually left from Denver around two this morning."

But this time for Griffith the line wasn't the only thing that was shorter.
Apparently, she was too. She failed the height requirement. "Its kind of a bummer because last time I was able to audition, and made the height requirements so i don't know, maybe I've shrunk an inch," Griffith said laughing. But after the small crowd dissipated Griffith was allowed to try out.

America's Next Top Model airs on Western Colorado's CW.

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