Reflecting On The Three Years Since Iraq Invasion

Over the past three years 23-hundred American troops have been killed and 17-thousand wounded. There is now talk of pulling a substantial amount of troops out of Iraq throughout this coming year, but there's a question as to whether or not Iraqis will be ready to govern and protect themselves. Retired Brigadier General Harry Hagaman from Grand Junction has followed the situation in Iraq closely and he looks back on what has happened over the past three years. "We've had an election, we have a government trying to form. We have Iraqi armed forces that are being trained. We have Saddam Hussein that is in jail going through a court procedure. I think that the difficulty that we face, we've done a fair job."
On Friday the number two U.S. commander in Baghdad said the goal is to turn 75 percent of the country's territory over to Iraqi forces by the end of the summer.