Jury Deliberation Begins In First-Degree Murder Case

After two weeks and more than 25 witnesses, the jury panel is now deliberating on the matter concerning Hector Zambrano, who's being charged with first-degree murder and is accused of strangling his wife Patricia Reyes in April of 2004.
Closing arguments lasted nearly three hours Monday morning, with both sides having one final shot of convincing the jury. Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger presented the prosecution's closing arguments, giving jurors a brief summary of each witness and his or her relevance to the case. Hautzinger also translated jury instructions and once again refuted the testimony and credibility of Zambrano.
Defense attorney Stephen Laiche told the 13 jurors the homicide of Patricia Reyes in 2004 was accidental and happened in the heat of the moment during an argument. Laiche stated that his client is guilty, but not of first-degree murder, which involves premeditation and is what Zambrano is charged with.
The debate between first and second-degree murder is something that has been at the core of this trial.