Republican Contender Blasts Letter As "Destructive"

A Grand Junction Republican running for the state House of Representatives says whoever is sending out an attack letter against some party members is hurting party unity.

Bob Caskey is running against Democratic incumbent Bernie Buescher, who won in what is a heavily republican district. The letter-sent by a previously unknown group called the Colorado Republican Caucus-
accuses some party members of helping Buescher win the 2004 election.

Caskey says the letter does nothing to encourage republican voters, which he says is inclusive of everyone.
"The only logic i can come to is that this person is trying to destroy the republican party from the inside, or they are an operative, because the motivation does nothing to further the cause or defer the election of Republicans."

Mesa County Republican Party Chair Lois Dunn says she has sent the letters to the Mesa County District Attorney for further investigation.

Caskey says he is looking forward to running against Buescher and says he will run a positive campaign for the district 55 seat.