DA's Office Wraps Up Busiest Week Ever

Mesa County just got done with two high profile trials and cracked a major meth ring. The last time two major trials were tried at the same time by the District Attorney's Office was back in the late 90's.
But those trials are nothing compared to what's happened in the past seven days. Last week Western Colorado's major meth ring was taken down and 31 arrests were made. Troy Mondragon was convicted of attempted murder after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity. Hector Zambrano was convicted of first degree murder. And the DA's office also won two other low profile court cases. District Attorney Pete Hautzinger says it was hectic in the office with everyone working around the clock seven days a week. But one thing has made it easier on all of them and that's new technology that's been implemented in each courtroom. Of course work never stops at the District Attorney's Office. Currently they are reviewing a homicide that happened Monday night to determine what if any charges should be filed against the man police say stabbed 26–year–old Timber John Wolfe in the leg.