Businesses In Grand Junction Get Conservation Wise

Make improvements to become energy efficient and get rewarded by Xcel Energy in the form of a rebate. It's a simple program called Conservation Wise now available to the utility provider's commercial and business customers. As simple as the program is though, the process businesses have to go through to make it a reality isn't as simple. So, Thursday Xcel Energy held a Conservation Wise workshop. Some of the main points touched on how to make businesses more energy efficient through lighting, cooling, and motor improvements. In some cases the rebate program will pay for the upfront costs of an installation project, but it's mainly designed to improve a business' bottom line over the long haul. The benefit for Xcel is the more businesses participating in the Conservation Wise program the more energy can be put to use in other areas. Officials estimate the amount of energy saved though the program could power 70-thousand homes over an eight year period.