Federal Arrest Warrant Issued For Lone Bombing Suspect

A Federal Arrest Warrant is issued today by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for a Grand Junction man they believe planted and detonated homemade bombs around the city. The search continues for the lone suspect in the bombings 54–year–old Robert Burke. Authorities at the local, state and federal levels have joined in the search and are chasing down all possible leads. Including executing a search warrant at a Grand Junction storage locker registered to the suspect Robert Burke. but they did turn over various materials to the ATF. The ATF is now in charge of the case and is checking to see if any of the items found may have been used to make the bombs that were found across the grand valley Friday. Police Chief Bill Gardner says Burke poses a significant threat to public safety either here or other communities in our country. At a press conference Saturday we learned 54–year–old Robert Burke or Robert Pope as he's also known was fired in 2004 from Serco, a company that subcontracts air traffic controllers for the FAA. While that was two years ago authorities believe Friday he placed homemade bombs outside the homes of five former co–worker's. According to the ATF burke has worked as an air traffic controller in various parts of the country including Arizona, Tennessee and California. Authorities are working closely with government agencies in those areas to make sure other communities don't fall victim to Burke. They believe Burke is working alone because the devices found are all similar in construction, and while the bombs are homemade ATF officials say they were well made and contained timers. The first bomb was detonated at about 4:30 Friday morning and law enforcement officials believe Burke may have already fled the state before it even went off. A Federal Arrest Warrant has been issued for robert burke for violating federal explosives laws. Again authorities are searching for 54–year–old Robert Burke.
he has gray hair. He may be driving a 1999 maroon chevy astro van with license plate 794CYB. Anyone with information about his whereabouts is asked to call 911. Authorities do not believe Burke has a criminal past. In all Burke placed five homemade bombs in and around the city three were detonated by Burke's timing system and two defused by the Grand Junction bomb squad.