Bomb Squad Officers Risk Own Lives To Save Others

Robert Burke allegedly used a timing device to detonate three of the five bombs discovered on Friday. However the Grand Junction Bomb Squad was able to work quickly and disarm the other two before they went off. Being a member of the grand junction bomb squad requires intensive training. Police officers who volunteer to be on the squad must go to Bomb Squad School, take part in monthly training,
and at least once a year spend a full week at a seminar learning new technology and new techniques. Bomb Squad Officer Craig Campbell says it can be a tough and dangerous job. For protection officers wear special suits made from heavy layers of Kevlar. The Grand Junction bomb squad also has a motorized robot designed to disarm a device.
The robot responds to the commands of the officer controlling it and has cameras mounted on it. It even has the ability to take apart a bomb.
The Grand Junction Bomb Squad responds to an average of 20 calls a year.