No Jail Time for Soliciting Child Prostitution

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A man who tried to pay a 12–year–old girl $100 in exchange for sexual favors will not go to jail.

45–year–old Larry Dean Davis pleaded guilty to one count of soliciting child prostitution as part of a plea deal. In exchange he will serve two years of sex offender probation. But people who live in his neighborhood are worried about a sex offender living next door and they say probation isn't enough.

"It's shocking something like this is in our cul-de-sac," Larry Brozovich told 11 News when we told him he is living across the street from a man who tried to pay a young girl for sexual favors. Now he's worried about his four grandkids playing outside.

"They should have locked him up," said Brozovich.

Fruita police arrested Davis in March after a two–month investigation. According to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation, he has nine prior misdemeanors.

Prior to the plea deal, Davis was facing 32 years behind bars, now jail isn't in his future.

"No child was actually harmed," Mesa County District Attorney Pete Hautzinger told 11 News on Monday.

Hautzinger says defendants like Davis need treatment and supervision and giving them another chance is the best use of resources.

"We need to save the jail bedspace for people actually hurting children."

Hautzinger says prosecutors also take into account the victim's wishes.

"In this case the girl testified at sentencing and said Davis was like an uncle to her and she did not want him to go to jail."

As part of the plea deal Davis won't be able to have contact with anyone under the age of 18, not even his own children until after his sex offender counselor says it's okay.

But Brozovich says davis should not get another chance.

"A man like that, taking advantage of a kid, it should be one strike and you're out," said Brozovich.

Because everytime his grandchildren come to visit, he says he'll have to look over his shoulder.

Davis will have to register as a sex offender. Prosecutors say if he violates probation at any time, he could end up in jail.

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