First Degree Murder Suspects Plead Not Guilty

The Mesa County District Attorney's Office finds itself busy with a number of high–profile criminal cases being heard Wednesday. Including two first degree murder suspects, a man accused of kidnapping and an alleged methamphetamine ring leader. Two men facing charges of first degree murder, and three counts of aggravated robbery in the death Tomas Joe Martinez made their way into the court room to enter pleas. Christopher Weiberg and co–defendant Barrington Paris plead not guilty in Judge Flynn's courtroom. Their three week joint–jury trial was set for late August. Also in court a man accused of firing shots at Grand Junction Police Officers in January of last year.
Daniel Roy Alexander's case was continued until next week because his lawyer and the deputy district attorney are involved in on–going negotiations. Alexander is charged with a total of eight counts including two counts of attempted first degree murder and felony menacing.
An alleged meth ring leader seeks a court appointed attorney but finds the public defender has a conflict of interest and cannot represent him.
Stephen Parson's court case was continued for another week and has been turned over to the Office of Alternatives Defense Council.
Marco Holguin–Sanchez is advised of the charges he faces in an alleged kidnapping that happened last Thursday. Holguin–Sanchez faces seven different counts. The most serious which are second degree kidnapping and menacing with a deadly weapon. And finally Benjamin Buescher who was found guilty of vehicular homicide in July asked Judge Bottger to re–consider his four year prison sentence.
The judge granted his request and now Buescher will instead serve six years in community corrections.