Glade Park Post Office Faces Sudden Closure

A part of Glade Park History ends tomorrow as the post office at the historic store closes. The United States Post Office has ended it's contract to offer mail services there, and instead will offer residential street cluster mailbox delivery.

Grand Junction postal manager Phil Hice says many residents in Glade Park have requested residential delivery for years, and now they plan to do that. Residents deny that, saying a recent survey taken by the Postal Service showed most wanted mail service to stay as it is.

Hice also cites another reason for the change as a contractual difference between the Post Office and the Glade Park Store. But the store clerk says today's announcement was a surprise. The decision angered many residents who say the sudden end is without warning, and could hurt older citizens, who cannot drive to Grand Junction.

The Glade Park store has been the post office and focal point of the community since 1907 when the building was little more than a shack.
Until the new boxes are installed customers in Glade Park will need to pick up their mail at the main post office on 4th Street, which for residents on the Utah border means an hour's drive to Grand Junction.