City Council To Decide On Prayer Before Meetings

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As part of long-standing city tradition, Grand Junction City Council opens its meetings with an invocation, or prayer, but in recent months, one group has taken up issue with the religious proceedings, and the city council is now talking about its options.

A couple of months ago, the "Western Colorado Atheists" came forward and asked the city council to do away with prayer before meetings.

A group member tells 11 News the city's current invocation process has long been out of compliance with the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution, by basically favoring certain religions repeatedly.

City Planner Laurie Kadrich says she and the city attorney are now trying to come up with new options.

The options will range from keeping the invocation process as it is now, doing away with it completely, or four to six options in between.

Kadrich will present the options at Wednesday night’s city council meeting at 7 p.m.

The council will then have time to think over the options and begin discussing the issue.

Kadrich says she doesn't think the council will make a decision tonight, as this is a big issue and Councilman Doug Thomason will be absent.

The public will not get a chance to speak at tonight's meeting, but will get a chance in the future.

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