Mesa County Jail Looking to Provide Own Meals for Inmates

With the economy in what seems to be a downward spiral and the cost of just about everything rising, everyone is looking to cut costs. This includes the local jail.

The jail's annual contract with its food supplier is almost up, giving them an opportunity to tweak the menu just a bit to try and save some money.

The Mesa County Jail's food service contract costs taxpayers more than $500 thousand a year. About 1,700 meals are prepared daily inside the Mesa County Jail and at $1.11 cents a pop, it adds up and quick.

The Jail’s director Steve Farlow is doing a little research into pinching some pennies and he's come up with some options to take the heat off his budget.

"Maybe a cold meal at lunch instead of a hot meal may reduce the cost,” suggested Farlow.

The Jail does save some money by making most breads and pastries from scratch and the real cost cutter may come this fall if the jail can make the meals themselves.

"We are putting figures together to see if we can do it less expensive in house with county employees,” says Farlow

If the Jail's food service employees become County employees, the jail anticipates that it could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That decision will not be made until September.

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