Identity Theft Suspects Identified

Kimberly Bannister

After a four month investigation, Mesa County Deputies have been able to identify four suspects who used a stolen credit card to buy thousands of dollars worth of goods.

24-year-old Kimberly Bannister.. 41-year-old Laurie Schuck.. And 35-year-old Sean Schuck are facing theft and forgery charges. Bannister and Lauri Shuck have been extradited back to Mesa County from California . Sean Shuck remains behind bars in California for charges in a homicide case and an armed robbery case. Police had arrested 46-year Colin Lever earlier this year for the crimes, but was released after deputies confirmed he was in jail at the time of the robbery.

After 11 News aired pictures of the suspects as they made fraudulent purchases, calls from viewers came in. The Sheriff’s Office says it could not have made these arrests without tips from the public.

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