Moisture and Rain Affecting Grand Complex Fire

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Monsoonal moisture moving into the Western Slope is affecting the Grand Complex Fire.

The Grand Complex Fire has been burning for weeks but with a change in weather conditions comes a change in the fire. The fire started from a lightning strike but now mother nature is suppressing the fire through rain and higher humidity.

Members of a multi-agency team monitoring the fire from the Grand Junction Air Center say the fire has diminished over the past few days. Crews have shifted duties from suppression to monitoring. The number of firefighters will also be reduced saving the agency money.

Sarah Gallup, team information officer, for the Grand Junction Air Center says it's not just the reduction in numbers that will save the office money. Gallup says, "The daily cost will go down quite a bit for a couple of reasons. One is that we have fewer people, the other is that we will be using less aircraft and aircraft is typically our biggest expense."

While the number of firefighters will be reduced the office wants to assure citizens that as long as there is any potential for the fire to grow, there will be crews on the ground.

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