Club 20 Brings Politicians To Grand Junction

Representatives from all over the Western half of the state are here in town
for the Club 20 spring meeting.

The leaders are gathering to discuss a variety of issues
including water and property rights,
severance taxes,
and hunting licensing.

Friday, Club 20 held committee meetings
and took care of some internal business.
Friday, however was just a precurser to the events happening Saturday.
Congressman John Salazar will be here tomorrow morning.
That will be followed by a discussion on Methamphetamine,
and Saturday afternoon,
all three gubernatorial candidates will be in Grand Junction
for a candidate forum.
This is the first time all three have been together to address the public.

These debates and discussions are open to everyone.
but there is an admission fee.
It will cost $125 for the whole day,
and $30 dollars
if you just want to attend the gubernatorial debate in the afternoon.
For more information
you can go to