How You Can Help the Roice Hurst Humane Society

The Roice Hurst Humane Society board members met Thursday evening to discuss the financial position of the shelter, which has been an ongoing problem for sometime.

The shelter is really in need of the community's support, and there are a number of reasons Roice Hurst is struggling financially. One of the biggest reasons, is the number of animals being surrendered or abandoned has increased with the population on the Western Slope.

The shelter has experienced the same increase in costs that the average person has, and they do not recieve any funding from the state or government. Roice Hurst survives off donations.

There are many ways to help the shelter: adopt a pet, get on the shelter's mailing list to find out about fundraising events, volunteer, or make a donation, big or small. The board members said in a release that as little as $5.00 a month can add up very quickly if you have the community as a whole donating on a continual basis.

You can also visit local businesses in the community to donate to the shelter. Here is a list of what businesses are doing to help the shelter:

Sams club - $1000.00 gift card
Mountain Message Service - $500.00 Sams gift card
Murdocks - 20 bags of cat litter they delivered
Budweiser - donated beer and collectors glasses to be sold and given away.
Cumulus radio - doing free advertisements for Roice Hurst Saturday night.
The End Zone - holding a benefit concert Saturday night with Whiskey Jack band. The profits, tips, and donations for all day Saturday will go to the shelter.

Right now there has been an out pouring of support from the community, but Roice Hurst says that they hope it continues on a steady basis.

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