Colorado is the Leanist State in the Country

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For the fourth year in a row...Mississippi has the highest percentage of overweight adults. A survey by the centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts the figure at 32 percent. Alabama and Tennessee are not far behind at roughly 30 percent.

Researchers say the traditional southern diet high in fat and fried food may play a role. They also note that the south has a large concentration of rural residents and black women, who both tend to have higher obesity rates.

On the other end of the spectrum, Colorado is the least obese state in the country. Only about 19 percent of the people fall in the obese category. Dr. William Dietz, who heads the Center for Disease Control's Physical Activity and Obesity Division, says Colorado has a reputation for exercise, and an elevation that causes the body to labor a bit more.

The study covered only adults, but an expert says rates for kids are similar.

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