Fly Fishing Expo Attracts Young And Old

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The Grand Valley Anglers hosted its 8th annual Western Colorado Fly Fishing Expo on Saturday.

Fly fishing enthusiasts were treated to casting demonstrations to fly tying classes. Tying flies is seen to some fishermen as a hobby in itself. Flip Hawkins makes his own flies to use as bait when he goes fly fishing. He enjoys tying just as much as fishing.

Tying flies is not just a hobby for men anymore,
but kids are tying flies now too. Ava Befus says her dad taught her how to tie flies when she was four. She said that she would rather tie flies then to play with her barbies. She uses pink and purple string to make her flies. She likes using the bright colors because you can see the fly floating in the water.

Pat Oglsby with Grand Valley Anglers said that it is important to attract more youth to the sport of fly fishing. The group currently visits local schools and teaches students about enthromology and how to fly–cast, and overall.. to give the kids a fly–fishing experience.

For more information on how to get your child involved in fly–fishing,
you can log on to to grandvalleyanglers dot org.