Club 20 Spring Meeting Brings Civic Leaders Together

Club 20, a lobbying group composed of the more than twenty counties on the Western Slope,
met for the second day of its spring meeting. The day's agenda was filled to the brim with discussion on the issues that directly affect the Western Slope.

Club twenty has been called the voice of the Western Slope,
and this weekend
the club has spoken. There were more than a dozen topics up for discussion during this two day meeting
and the challenge for Club 20 was to create a stance on a number of issues that affect Western Colorado
and make sure that the legislature listens.

There has always been a struggle
to compete with the Front Range and so Club 20 was formed
to unify the more than 20 counties on the west side of the divide.

Severance tax was a huge topic of discussion,
as well as property rights,
endangered species protection
and hunting licensure.

But in addition to creating a stance on these topics,
this meeting is also about education, and a chance for leaders to share their knowledge on the problems Western Counties share
including the rise in meth use.

For information on any of the number of policies adopted,
you can go to WWW.CLUB20.ORG.