Budget Passes House and Mesa County To See State Funds

The budget for the next fiscal year has made its way through the house and its on the way to the senate.
Bernie Buescher is on the joint budget committee and having a local representative from the western slope on the committee, certainly helped.

It was a long day in the house of representatives. Discussions started at 9 am and continued until 10 that evening.

The budget was passed by the house, and it will now be reviewed in the senate.
Mesa County will be seeing some much needed funding.
Money will be going to the Veterans Cemetary,
and Mesa State College.
Seven million dollars was allocated to build a new technology building, with classrooms. There was also money set aside to increase school tuition vouchers for the college as well.
But even after recieving all of this money, there is still much more to do.
Mesa State is hoping to completely re-vamp their athletic facilities. Sunday, Representative Bernie Buescher took a tour of the facilities at the field house on the Mesa State Campus. The building is almost forty years old, and is in desperate need of renovations.

Mesa state has drafted plans to expand and renovate the Saunders Field House and add an arena.