Man Arrested in Meth Bust Caught with Drugs Again

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A man who was arrested during a drug bust in January is back behind bars after authorities say he was caught with meth again.

Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies say just after 6:30 Friday night, 35-year-old Christopher Mansheim was spotted leaving a house they know to be connected to illegal drug activity.

Officials say after pulling him over, they searched his truck with help from a K-9 unit and discovered several glass smoking pipes with white residue on them, a blade knife, and baggies of a white substance.

Mansheim and a passenger, 27-year-old Heather Noyce were arrested on multiple felony drug charges.

Mansheim was arrested back in January in connection with a bust where authorities found two and a half pounds of meth. He was out on bond for that arrest when he was taken into custody Friday night.

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